Advice to parents

To ensure that your children get the most out of their lessons, please:


To ensure that the lessons run smoothly, please abide by the following rules:
  • Please bring your lesson card or confirmation with you to your group or private lessons 
  • At the beginning of each lesson, please show your instructor the ticket for that day and time 
  • Lesson cards are strictly personal 
  • Please come to the meeting point on time for your lessons: if you arrive late, your lesson will consequently be shorter 
  • Please ensure you have a valid lift pass for your lessons (if needed) 
  • Make sure you are warmly dressed and properly equipped
Conditions of Sale:
  • The ESF disclaims all responsibility for any material or physical injuries that its clients might suffer. 
  • The ESF reserves the right to cancel or group together its lessons if fewer than 5 people have signed up. 
  • The ESF cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions, the breakdown of the ski lifts or any other incidents. In the event of said incidents, lessons will not be cancelled or postponed. 
  • Clients are not covered by the ESF’s insurance, so we strongly recommend you take out Carré Neige or another suitable type of ski insurance.